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Thursday, September 13, 2007

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Australia Nursing Agency

Nurses traveling to other country to do work cause so many reasons. Some nurses want to get new experiences live in other country, several nurses want to improve their experiences with getting high salary to attain their lifestyle. Most of nurses move to other country to take permanent resident for life secure in the future who giving good nurses wages.

Australia is one of nurses travel in Asian Country who offer many interest places for enjoying of live or even just walking holiday. If you are interest to be work in Australia, so many Nursing Agency welcome to you and will be helpful to bring your aspire and imagine working in Australia.

Many Nursing Agencies qualified and experienced placement nursing working in Australia open hand to all Nurses who want to join. A following Australia Nursing Agencies you can choose one of them, read carefully and detail about their company profile:
  1. australia Nursing agency
  2. NT Medic-Nursing Agency
  3. Australia Nursing Solution
  4. Critical Nursing Australia
  5. Melbourney Nursing Agency
  6. West Australian Nursing Agency
  7. Belmore Nurses Bureau
  8. Victorian Nurse Specialists, Melbourne
  9. Shamrock, Nursing Agency
  10. International Nursing Information
  11. Health Staff Recruitment-Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland
  12. Swing Shift Nurses-Australia Nursing Agency
  13. Nursing/Midwiery Agency
  14. CQ Nurse-Nursing Agency
  15. Puse International
  16. My Career-Nursing Jobs
  17. aanra-Australia Association of Nursing Recruitment Agencies
  18. NCAH-Nursing Career

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

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Indonesia Nursing Agencies

Indonesia is produce more Nurses every year but shortage of vacancies, so make a number Nurses in In Indonesia unemployed. Hospital and other government Health Care provider not enough to adsorb all nurses who graduated from many university every year. The low budget of Government pay to Nurses make nurses changing from nurse profession to other profession like medical representative, medicine representative,sales marketing or continuing their study with the different subject. High of number nurses jobless in Indonesia make many Nursing Agency think to help many Nurses to get chance to work in Abroad help government to reduce number of worker jobless.

Low of salary payment which paid to nurses make most of nurses felling unsatisfied work as a nurses, so thats way several nurses doing any legal practice at home without any nurses authority job. In other hand daily necessary is beyond their nursing earning cause most of nurses live under welfare profession.

To encounter daily necessary most of nurses think to get job in abroad who employer offering high salary. To work in abroad is not easy most of nurses fight each other nurses to get chance when they want to go Abroad. They can go by them self should be join with Nursing Agencies to prepare accommodation and legal administration. Many Nursing Indonesia agencies who experienced help nursing to go abroad as a following:
  1. PT. Banu Nusa Utama
  2. PT. Binawan Inti Utama
  3. PT. Gunamandiri
  4. PT. RIM (Roll Internusa Mandiri)
List of Indonesia Agencies who have certified from ministry of labor Indonesia already , so if you want to contact company profile you can check it out to the list of agencies itself. If you are Nurses qualified and eligible please send your application to each your agency choices. Good luck and reach your career through join with them.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

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Nursing Agencies List (UK)

Welcome to Nursing Agencies support. Nursing Agencies help everybody to get new nursing vacancies Info who provided many nursing agencies. Nursing Agencies List UK had grouped many nursing Agencies in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland by using search engine feature according alphabets letter starting A-Z.

It is helpful to you when you want to looking Nursing Agencies which help you to find Nursing Agencies. The provide more Nursing Agencies link, so you can go and get the link will be bring you to the web site owner.

List of Nursing Agencies UK provide a free listing for every agency office provided that the agency is listed with one of the UK Agency Registration Bodies: CSCI, Care Commission, CSSIW and RQIA.

To look Nursing Agencies sort by list please visit to this link NURSING AGENCIES.
Find one of them and starting join with them. Bring Your imagine as a nurses and get survive in your life future. Get success career as a nurses with your Agencies.

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Phillipines Nursing Agencies

Nurses today is progressive professional in every country. Almost every year nurses had graduated from college it will be lead to number of Nurses Jobless at least. Nurses graduated and Job vacancies is not balance made nurses who have been graduated from university and college to be a Jobless worker. To encounter those situation many private nursing agency tried to take part help nurses to get job in Abroad. One of country who have overload nurses is Philippines following by China, Indonesia, India.

Nursing Agency In Philippine was established with mission to help Nurses who have no job in order to get job steady. They provide many job vacancies around a globe which the most places in many country such as Middle East, UK, USA, Australia, and other Europe countries.

Philippines agency who held recruitment and have experienced to placement nurses in Middle east and Europe is A&C International Resources Inc who established since 1992. They serve not only Nurses Worker even more various of field including Oil & Gas Industry, Refineries/onshore-offshore/shutdown/pipelines, Petrochemical/Fertilizer/Power 4 Desalination Plans, Engineering & Construction, Airport & Seaport, Heavy Engineering & Fabrication, Health Care Industry, Hospitality/Support/Allied Services, Security & Protection Industry, Shopping Malls/department Stores/Supermarket, Transport & Logistic, Hotel and Restaurants.

If you are interest , eligible and qualified to fill full the position as well as your background Education and experiences please send application to A&C International Resources Inc .

3rd Floor, 1717 Adriatico
St. Malate, Manila, 1004
T +(632) 524-2310
F (632) 5214992
E info@anc-ph.com

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

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The OGP agency

Hello everyone who have nurses job around in Asia . Do you have good job now, with many benefits and many attractive salaries, if you still think to move to other country but you don,t have any information about which the well agency of nursing who will help you, I just want to share information about "AGENCY OF NURSING", what that,s, let,s go to the subject, yeah, I have experience before when I joined with this Agency that helpful to all nurses who want to go to USA, then my friend told me about the agency, the name is "OGP" (O'Grady Peyton International), so I have been satisfied work with them, so if you want to join with the OGP also, I think is great idea to get success for your nursing career in the future.

Why You Need To Join With OGP?
Join with O'Grady Peyton International will not only give the opportunity to further your career the United State, so you will also received great pay and and an industry-leading benefits package.

What The benefits will you get, when you are joint to OGP?
Many benefit you will get that they are offering to any nurses who want to join with OGP including are:
  1. Medical Insurance
You will get insurance plan, they will pays 100 percent of your premiums, keeping your out-pocket costs a minimum. Your medical benefits include physician exams, acute illness treatment, X-rays,Lab test and other diagnostic test, hospitalization, prenatal care, and prescriptions also your children and spouse can be added to your insurance for a monthly fee.

  1. Dental Insurance

No-cost dental plan covers diagnostic and preventive procedures such as oral examination, clenings and X-rays

  1. Short Term Disability (STD)
They provide to you short-term disability insurance will provide you a portion of your income if you can not work because of an injury or illness that happened outside of your job.

  1. Free Life Insurance
OGP provides you no-cost accidental death and dismemberment insurance. You have the choice of increasing the benefit for a small monthly cost.

  1. 401(K) Retirement Plan
The 401(k) is great saving plan that allows you to put away tax-free money and earn interest. While many companies require that their employees work for them for several months before they can begin their 401(k), O'Grady Peyton International allows you to start saving the first day you begin working in the United States.

  1. Free Professional Liability Insurance
Also known as malpractice insurance, O'Grady Peyton International will provide you with free coverage for your protection from your first day on the job.

  1. Free Continuing Education
As a registered nurse in the United States, you are required to complete continuing education courses every year to keep your license active. O'Grady Peyton International will provide these courses to you free of charge through their education partner, RN.com

  1. Free Flights
They will pay for your travel to US and accommodations to take NCLEX-RN exam as well as your flight back to the United States to start your job.

  1. Housing
Before you arrive in America to start your job ,O'Grady Peyton International can assist you with your housing, arrange for furniture delivery and ensure that everything is ready for you once you arrive at your new destination.
If you are interest to joint with OGP, just visit to OGP site and start to apply your CV
Reference:OGP(O'Grady Peyton International) or go to HERE

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

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Nursing Partner To get Good Job

Looking for new nursing with good job is something hard if we don,t know how to do it, we could not only try to apply, but we have to know what best and benefits of new job which we are looking for. We must to know what the company or hospital as become a host of work that we are interested. We need more information so it will be helpful successfully in the next, so therefore we need qualified agency to help us.

They will provide many information about conditions, accommodations, salary and many benefits that necessary and helping administration process till placement to the hospital which we are choices. This site will be guide you to get any information about that through by many agencies. Please choice one of them of agency what you are looking for in this site.

We provided many Nursing Agencies that will be bring and guide you to get the best job including Middle East Nurse Job, USA Nurse Jobs, Europe Nurse Jobs, Australia Nurse Job and so forth. Please submit your application letter with your data resume to agency what you had have choice. Read carefully which agency have credibility and full responsible to you then choose one of them according to your destination application area.

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